Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Move Ya Body (Animation)

This term our topic is Move Ya body. I have created a animation that is about how you could move your body.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Cross Country 2018

Every year term 3 our school has Cross Country. Last week Friday our school had to participate in a race. When it was the year 7 girls turn i was getting nervous because I was scared that I might fall when we all start running. Our Cross Country was set at our school on the 21st of September.

When it was my second round of running I got really tired but I still pushed myself so that I could become a good runner. When it was our 1st lap I was coming 4th but then I got really tired and started jogging. Then I started walking and when I got most of my breathe back I started running again. When I went through the gates there was a lot of mud and it smelt like poo.

It was pretty hard too run 2 laps around the Pt England field and our school field because running 2 laps around our school field and the Pt England reserve is really hard and it takes very long to run.

When I finished the race I could hear everyone cheering for me and I felt very proud of myself and the other girls and boys who ran. When I passed the finish line I felt very happy because I finished the race without getting upset or anything. I passed the finish line all I could hear was just everyone cheering for me. Cross Country wasn’t that hard to run I actually had fun running with my friends and even some year 6’s.
Task Description: This week room 2 literacy have been learning how to write a recount.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Create task (Boy on a bike)

This story is about a boy on a bike his name is Mac, Mac is nine years old.
Mac rides with his dad up to 80 kilometers. Mac loves to ride with his dad and he likes
to ride his bike. In this story the main character is Mac, Mac rides together with his
dad everyday, both him and his dad ride in the sunny and they even ride in the cold

The story is about a boy with his dad riding long distances. I learned that Mac likes to
ride with his dad to places. If I could ride a long distance like Mac I would but I would
only do it if I had an adult with me.

Task Description: In this peace of writing our group had to do a create task about the story boy on a bike. Would you ever do what Mac and his dad have been doing.

Boy on a bike

so as you can see in this presentation is a story about a boy on a bike. Did you know that he rides with his dad a long distance mostly every single day.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Create Task (Holding My Breath)

As you can see in this presentation I have written a paragraph about how children should learn how to swim properly so that when they are in the water and they start drowning then they know how to swim and they can start swimming bck.

Holding My Breath

as you can see in this presentation is reading all about how you can hold your breath under the water and how you can swim.