Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Paul Martin Visit

IMG_0508.jpgPaul Martin Visit!
WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.
WALT: Write a recount.

It was a rainy Wednesday, so I ran to school. When I got to school I just remembered that we had a visitor and his name was Paul Martin, he came from Hamilton and he is a very cool comic artist.

He shared to us all of his Comic Books and Drawings. He then did some drawing with us and we drew Superheros, which was really fun.

My favorite part was when he did drawing with Rm 9/10. He did Superhero drawing with us and he showed us his one book called Kory the Kiwi. It looked like an AMAZING BOOK.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Yum Yum

On Monday morning room 9 was sitting on the mat eating chocolate mousse. And then when I looked on the table I saw some cups on the table. And there was a sign and it said. DO NOT TOUCH.
Photo - what you saw in class.
Paragraph 2    
What did you do?                  
Only 2 sentences:
I got a cup. And in that cup was chocolate mousse. It was so yuck it looked like kaka
Photo - what you had to do.

Paragraph 3    
How did it taste?                  
Only 2 sentences:

It tasted like chocolate mousse which it was and it was so so so yummy.

Level Ten

Agree/ Disagree
Terry plays his computer games at night.
“It's time for bed”
You go to bed at night so it must be nightime.
Plague of Toads is a powerful spell.
Plague of toads useless.  
Terry can not be hurt by things in the game.
She sung it again. But the blade bounced of Terry’s neck like a rubber toy.
Terry has a pet mouse in his room.
To his surprise the mouse turned out to be his pet mouse mickey.  
Zargoth and Sofral don’t know anything about the real world.
Terry couldn’t tell them it was just a computer game. Besides , he had to get to his real world somehow. And he need their he.
Terry is addicted to his computer game.
Terry was thinking about him inside of the computer and he thought that he was playing it to.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Gorilla shot dead

No I think that the people should not kill the gorilla. Because it was the kids fault that the parents did not hold his hand. I think that the kid did want to go for a swim where the gorilla lived in the water.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Will We Save Her

It was a dark night. Spider Man was looking out of his window and he saw Black Widow trying to fight Iron man. And then Spider Man came outside. Then Iron Man and Black Widow were still fighting. Suddenly they Pushed the lady off a building then Spider Man Came and he boost off to the building and then he got her and when he got to the ground he rolled on the Flo. And said are you alright and ‘she replied’ yes I am.

And then Spider Man went all the way back up to STOP the fight. But then when he tried to stop the fight they just kept on fighting and then when Super Man Stopped it. He took the lady back to her house and then Spider Man went back home. But then when he took the lady home. Spider Man said hahaha. Because he is actually the Joker.