Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

WALT: use exciting language in a recount
Have you ever made your own music before? Well for this term, our theme is. Musical madness. Musical madness is all about making your own music and that is what we are learning about this term.

Our term theme is all about making music and making our own instruments. For team 1, all team 1 teachers had to go up the stage and perform what they were doing. The teachers from team 1 played cards and they played songs well they were playing their cards whatever song they played they would show there feelings to everybody that was inside the hall. Next up was team 2, team 2 was learning something about singing, making there own music and creating their own drums. Next up was team 3. Team 3 was doing something like karaoke but in the classroom.  Team 3 is going to be making there own music. Team 5 will be doing something the same as what team 1 was doing but not playing cards.

Finally it was team 4 turn. Team 4 topic is a fake apple music instead the teachers from team 4 did Pt England School music. Team 4 teachers were inside the vehicle and they were cruising around and listening to any sorts of music tracks like rock and roll songs.

This term I hope to learn how to play the piano, I hope we learn about it when we learn. I hope that we actually learn about every instrument that we have in our school.

What I think about the new theme is a little bit boring and a little fun but most of all it is boring.
Task Description: for this term our theme is Musical Madness. Musical Madness is all about making our own music, and making our own instruments.


  1. Kia Ora Charlses,

    Reading your awesome immersion assembly was really interesting in all different kinds of ways. I see that you are not looking forward to this terms theme. Is there a reason for that, anyways I really enjoyed your terrific story & may you get the chance to do what you are wanting to do for this term. Keep up the awesome work Charlese.