Friday, 23 September 2016

End Of Term 3

Hi fans this is my last blog post I am so sorry but I will probably do some more blog post in the holidays. I hope you could read my blogging in the holidays and that I could read yours to. I will leave you a LINK of my favorite blog posts. My favorite thing for this term is my cool teachers and how they looked after me and Rm 9/10. I will miss you GOODBYE ALL MY FANS.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Tuesday the 21st of September Rm 10 from Pt England has been reading and watching this cool movie and it is my best movie. It is called HOLES. Holes is a movie about a boy name Stanley Yelnats. Do you get it his last name is spelt the same as his first name. and there is some other boys but there are a lot and they do have wired names. Like Armpet, Zero, Riki, Theodore, ZigZag, Magnet, and Squid.

And that was the End of all the names but there is a lot more.

Narrative Writing, Kayaking

Walt: write a narrative 
Walt: use and write paragraphs, detailed sentences, juicy words, full stops, capital letters and correct spelling.

One day there was this beautiful family that went kayaking but there was only 2 of them that went and there was a problem. When they went kayaking the kayak had tipped over and they kept on trying to swim but they couldn’t because they had never had swimming lessons when they were small. So then they called for help but then no one could hear them so then they just kept trying to swim but they couldn’t.

Then they bring out the phone because it was the only thing that they could yous and it was a waterproof phone. Then they called someone but they couldn’t because the phone was out and it had no battery in it. So then they kept on trying to see if anyone was there but there was know one and the second time they tried and there was still know one but then the third time they looked and there was someone on a jet.

The person that was on the jet ski was a security guard for the beaches all of the beaches. So then they got rescued from him and went all the way back onto land. And then they went back home and they told their family what happened to them and there mum and dad had “said to them are you alright” the kids “said yes we are”. And they all lived happily ever after.


Friday, 16 September 2016

Pick A Path

Once upon a time it was a windy night the wind was blowing from the sea. It was freezing, at a school named Pt England School there was a teacher and his class. That teachers name was Mr Somerville and his class was room 7. But there was one thing that was wrong and it had never happened before. That problem was Mr Somerville and his class had a cat and the cat had brown hair, a white nose, a black body, and nice blue eyes, The cat's name Hannah west. There was a dog and that dog's name was Ben Baxendine he always came to the school and he rowind everything like how he rowind Awathan, Paikea, and Naomi weil they were playing on the swings. They were being so nice to each other until the mean dog Ben Baxendine came over and rowind everything. He broke all of the swings so that they didn’t play on it he made them cry! And then they ran to their mum and dad.

But Then the mum and the dad “said to Ben Baxendine” leave the kids alone or we will fight you and make you go away. But he didn’t he just kept being mean to them and he never left them alone. So then the Mum Dad and the kid’s started to have a fight with them and they won the fight so Ben Baxendine and his group started to cry and they ran away. And then the Mum Dada and the kid’s “said to each other well done they will never come back now”. That was because they were always evil and know one could defeat them.