Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non Stop Circket

when Room 11/12 went out to go and play Non stop cricket I was shivering because it was way too cold and windy outside. And then we played the game we got warmed up. And when I got the ball i slipped in the wet grass.

It was so fun at non stop cricket because when i hit the ball I hat to run until the other person has put the ball back wear it was and then. I put the bat down and go at the back of the line.

When i lined up to go back to class I was not cold anymore and it was so cool and fun at the non stop cricket we all had a go at hitting the ball and then room 11/12hat to swap over. And room 12 hat to be the bater and room 11 hat to catch the ball it was fun at non stop cricket.

Writing Sample Term 4 2015

Start your writing here: Today Room 11/12 went out to practice Athletics we were playing Basketball and a throwing game and the last game was the sack race and that game was so. Cool because when Amelia was inside the sack and Miss Squires ;said" on your marks get set go and Amelia was going so far and she was jumping so. High that know one could bet her in a jumping high race.

At Basketball we were in teams and we were cheering for our teams the team that had won was the. Winning team and that team was my team and my team had fourteen and the other team had only three and. My team was the winners because my team had fourteen and the other team had only three. so that makes it that my team won.

When we were playing the sack game it was cool and fun at the sack race because we all had a turn at the sack. Race and Amelia’s team won in the first round and Tiaris team won the 2nd round. And all the other teams did not win it was funny because of junior he was being funny and he could not do it to the end because he just said that he does not know how to do it.

At the throwing game I was having so much fun there and we get to chose the one that we want to throw and there was a girl that throw it so far and she was in my team.It was so far.