Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Family Facts

Walt: Solve subtraction Problems.

Task Description: Inside of the triangles are numbers. And on the side of the triangle is little boxes. And in those boxes are number that we write our answer in. Like 9x2=27 and then we have to swoop it over and do the other way like 2x9=27 it is just the same thing but you just swoop them over and there you go they are the same answer even if you swoop them over still.    

Problem Solving

Monday, 25 July 2016

We Are The Champion

WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.

WALT: write a recount.

On Monday morning I ran to school with my brothers. When I got to school Room9/10 had already been lining up. We were all lining up because we had a immersion assembly inside of the hall. I couldn't wait to see all the other Teams. I thought to myself Hmm what will we learn about this year.   

What is the theme for the term is? We are the CHAMPIONS. The CHAMPIONS is about the Olympics and sports like, Gymnastics/Running/Swimming.

Team 4 is going to learn about The Olympics Exposed. It is pretty cool that we are all learning about all the things witch we a not supposed to know, like the Virus, Drugs, And Advertising.

I am looking forward to doing some sports like Netball Touch and Swimming.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Mc Goodys

Why were the neighbors excited that the Goodbyes were moving in next door?

The neighbors were so excited, because they knew that they were famous.

How was Mrs Goody perfect?

She is a Beauty Queen.

Why do the other children groan at the McGoody children?

They knew that they were brilliant.

Why did Victor and Priscilla’s perfectly clean clothes get dirty?

There clothes got dirty because all the food slat around on the table.

Why were Mr and Mrs McGoody fighting?

Because there was no more food left.

Why did the McGoodys think that their argument would be in tomorrow’s headlines?

Because Mrs Mcgoodys was so so so angry at Mr Mcgoodys because he made all of the food got to wast

Advice Blog Monster


WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.
        WALT: write a recount.

On Monday morning I went into to class, when I went into the classroom I saw a packet of Carrots, They looked so yummy, I really wanted to eat them. I  Thought that rabbits were coming into our class, because rabbits love carrots but then there was no rabbits coming into our classroom.

JPEG Image        

I didn’t do anything I just listened to Mr Baxindine and sat on the mat. He “said” that there was going to be some rabbits coming to our classroom, but he “said.” that we had to go outside and line up.Then we did and I was like what is going to happen. I "said" that to myself.

JPEG Image

My Carrot looks so tasty that Mr Baxindine let us eat him, or her. he has Creepy Eyes, and he is so short, he has no legs. But he looks like a baby Carrot. And he has abbes to. his name is Ben just like Mr Baxindine.

JPEG Image

My favorite part was when we were carving it and eating it.

JPEG Image