Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Fragments & Sentences

Walt:Identify and Write Complete Sentences.
Today room 2 literacy got to learn all about Fragments & Sentences. Fragments & Sentences are all about fixing words that have not bean made into a sentence.

Friday, 9 February 2018


What Really Happened-Treaty Of Waitangi

Walt: Skim and scan to find information.


Dear Ms Tapuke

My name is Charlese and I am  Cook Island and Maori. At 10 years old, I am the 2nd youngest of seven children. My brothers and sisters are Grace, Gerico, Elizabeth, Wakatere, Charles, Charlese, And Teokatai.

I love playing sports with my family and friends. I also love play Netball, Rippa Rugby, And Rugby.

My favourite subjects are Maths and Writing. I really like working in groups when I learn and use my Chromebook. I don’t like sitting at home and doing nothing because it’s boring and I have nothing to do.

I am really happy to be in room 2 for 2018 and do a lot of learning.

I am feeling so happy to see what I can learn and I am looking forward to learning somethings new.


Sunday, 28 January 2018

2018 Is Here/Finally

Hello everyone it is so good to be back and posting again. I can not wait to get back to school and start learning
again. I can not wait to see all my friends again and my teachers that I have had so far.
It would be so awesome and cool if i am not sick on the first day of school because I would want to go back to
school if I am not sick. I have really really enjoyed my last year of being a year 6 it was awesome.