Monday, 2 July 2018

Inquiry Post - EXPO


Team five decided to do an EXPO to show to Pt England School.
The reason why is because we needed to teach the younger
students about Force and Motion. Teaching makes you a better

Our group had more than two ideas, our first idea was to do a
catapult, another idea we had in mind was to do an egg in the water

For our project we wanted to do the egg in the water experiment.
The reason why we wanted to do this experiment was because it
looked fun, and we wanted to test it out, and that it concludes
Force & Motion.

Our group failed because we didn’t have the equipment.
But we really wanted to do the EXPO with the other Yr 7 & 8 so
hopefully we can do it next time.

When we have another EXPO our group should have the right
equipment, and to be ready to present what we have learned to the
Pt England Students.

This EXPO is about our inquiry and what we are going to do this this term

Three laws Of Motion

This term our topic is. I like to move it. team five or maybe our school is learning about force and motion. our inquiry class is learning about the Three Laws Of Motion. The three laws of motion was made by a guy named Isaac Newton.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Sentence Expansion

This presentation is a Sentence Expantion too but this time we don't have to create anything like the other presentation that I did this time  we have to use the question words to add detail into our sentences. The question words are Who,What,Where,When,Why, and How.

Create Task 1 - Sentence Expansion

This presentation is all about expanding sentences. What expanding sentences mean is when there is just like a very short sentences then you can add words to it to make it a expand sentence.

Friday, 15 June 2018


Chick Chick SKRRRRRT
This is a movie it is just like all the other movies that i have made but htis one is photo's of me and my friend but on the first part all the photo's is just of me then the rest is of Irene. Hope U Enjoy and leave a comment. If u would like to see this movie then just click the link above that says CHICK CHICK SKRRRRRRT.

Monday Mornings

So this story Monday mornings is about a teacher Mr Millar that doesn't like Monday mornings because it is the start of the week and he has a lot of more days to go in the week. Mr Millar does not like Monday mornings because it is a normal day and hardly no body likes a normal day they like fun days.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Letter To Mr Van Horn

Dear Mr Van Horn,

My name is Charlese and I am 11 years old. I was born in New Zealand and have 7 siblings.
I am full Cook Island and half Maori. I am the 2nd youngest in my family. My brothers and sisters
names are Grace, Gerico, Elizabeth, Wakatere, Charles, Me, and Teokotai.

My favourite sports are Tag, Heeled Rugby, and rippa rugby. I don’t like any of my subjects at school
so I don’t have a favourite subject.

Best wishes,

It is great to have you in our school Mr Van Horn. We will be having great fun with you and we all
hope that we will get to know you better.

This is a description about our letter to Mr Van Horn a man that is learning how to become a teacher. He has never been to New Zealand before so he is just getting use to everyone. He is in our school for 3 weeks now then he will go back to America because that is where he came from. But it is very cool to have Mr Van Horn here with us.