Thursday, 10 December 2015

Dinosaur cutesaurus

My dinosaurs name is baby T-Rex and I put it their. Because it looks so cute and it looks beautiful it is cool to.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Cutesaurs Dinosaur

Cutesaurus is a dinosaur that is a carnivore that its meat and he lived in China it is 600 years old it is a famous dinosaur. It is all around the world
it was on the wall's and on the TV. he is a spiky dinosaur his name is could Cutesaurus and he is a large dinosaur it has fat feet. His feet are like a big dinosaurs feet and a elephant's feet to. It has big eyes to.

When I got my dinosaur it had a big head and a shell nose the nose was so tiny but his body is big it only has one. Eye and a fat moth but it has No teeth.

My dinosaur can eat some other dinosaurs the dinosaur that I have is better than all the other dinosaurs the Cutesaurus has a lot. Of spikes on its back he is so big but his tale nose and his eyes are so small.       


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Athletics Day Term 4 Writing Sample 2015

On Friday we had Athletics and the first activity we done was the sprinting on that one I came 3rd and I was going so fast but there were some other girls. That came before me but there were only 2 girls that came past me. And when Mr Burt said’ on your marks get set go and Mr Burt clapped the clappers.  

And then we moved on to the next activity and that activity was when we had to do some throwing and the throwing game was so cool because we get to throw things. And throwing things are so cool when I though the sock it went like a rocket but it went over people and the rocket goes straight up.

Then the other activity was another throwing game and I really like the throwing because I get to do some under arm and overarm when we were doing the. Throwing game I throw it so far and I got it past the cone and I won the game I hat to go at the back of the line so that I get another turn And when I had my turn we hat to go to the next activity.

The next activity was skipping and we had to go to the other side where the other. Person is and then you have to give it to the other person and then they have to go On the other side and then we just keep on going until Miss Stickland says we have to stop now and we have to go to the other activity.

And the last activity was the high jump when we went to the high jump we were in teams and there was a team with Miss Squares and Miss King and the one that you. Want to practice is Miss Squares and Mrs King’s one is the one that I went to and when we had. To do it the first time it was easy and then Miss Stickland and Mrs King put it up and that one I got most of all the high jumps but when. The teachers were putting it up I could not do it but I got one. Of them and that one was so high.        

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non Stop Circket

when Room 11/12 went out to go and play Non stop cricket I was shivering because it was way too cold and windy outside. And then we played the game we got warmed up. And when I got the ball i slipped in the wet grass.

It was so fun at non stop cricket because when i hit the ball I hat to run until the other person has put the ball back wear it was and then. I put the bat down and go at the back of the line.

When i lined up to go back to class I was not cold anymore and it was so cool and fun at the non stop cricket we all had a go at hitting the ball and then room 11/12hat to swap over. And room 12 hat to be the bater and room 11 hat to catch the ball it was fun at non stop cricket.

Writing Sample Term 4 2015

Start your writing here: Today Room 11/12 went out to practice Athletics we were playing Basketball and a throwing game and the last game was the sack race and that game was so. Cool because when Amelia was inside the sack and Miss Squires ;said" on your marks get set go and Amelia was going so far and she was jumping so. High that know one could bet her in a jumping high race.

At Basketball we were in teams and we were cheering for our teams the team that had won was the. Winning team and that team was my team and my team had fourteen and the other team had only three and. My team was the winners because my team had fourteen and the other team had only three. so that makes it that my team won.

When we were playing the sack game it was cool and fun at the sack race because we all had a turn at the sack. Race and Amelia’s team won in the first round and Tiaris team won the 2nd round. And all the other teams did not win it was funny because of junior he was being funny and he could not do it to the end because he just said that he does not know how to do it.

At the throwing game I was having so much fun there and we get to chose the one that we want to throw and there was a girl that throw it so far and she was in my team.It was so far.  

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Cross Country

1.Last week Monday pt england school had a school cross country and i was at the start of the line and my heart was. Pounding and i was so scared but i never gave up i was so proud of myself and my mum and. Dad were so proud of me to because i never gave up. And when Mr Burt slapped the clapers.

2. The colours of our house?
There was green which was could matatua.
And there was a colour could red and that was could Te rawa.
There was a colour and it was blue and that was could Tainui.
And there was another colour and it was yellow and that was could Takitimu.

3. Was it fun yes or no?
It was fun because i get to see my mum and dad they brought me a pie it was. A mince and cheese pie it was so nice. And i was having fun because i love to run and.

4. What was it like when your heart was pounding?
I was scared when my heart pounding and sometimes my heart will stop. Pounding but it was so fun at our school cross country and bate Daisy and Chastity at the cross country.

5.What were they wearing?
Pt England school was wearing their house color and there were a lot of colors like green witch was matatua and another color which was. Could yellow and that was could taketomo and there was a lot more colors.

You have to be a sporty person so that you can be so fit and you won't be able to stop the race. And you can win  foods can come up with the race it would be fun if i would be able to win the race and then. I will go and have another race with some more schools it would be fun.Having a race with some other kids.

So i came 7th and a lot of people bate me in the race and my friend came first and her name. Was Tehillah and she came first and then another girl bate me. And her name was Indiana she came 2nd and there was a lot of girls that came 1st 2nd and 3rd.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Firemen David

Introduction On a Friday morning firemen David came into room 11/12 he taught us how to be. A fireman, and what it’s like to be a fireman. What did firemen David talk to team 3 about? Firemen David said to team 3 that the fire truck looked like a toolbox but with wheels he talked to us. About how to be safe when you are going into a fire. What was firemen David wearing? Firemen David was wearing a blue suit and a belt and. Also he was wearing some black boat. What secrets did he tell us? Firemen David secrets was that he gets paid some money. When he goes to sleep.

Friday, 28 August 2015

kiwisport coach

INTRODUCTION. (What is a Kiwisport coach?) A kiwisport coach is like a teacher but they teach. Kids how to be kiwisport children. WHAT DOES A KIWISPORT COACH DO?They teach kids how to be sporty and know how to play a game that you play with your classroom and you can will use. To the game that you are playing. WHAT EQUIPMENT DOES A KIWISPORT COACH NEED/WHAT DO THEY WEAR?A kiwisport coach wears everyday clothing and sometimes they wear Black and blue clothing a kiwisport coach brings a lot of. Equipment to the courts and a kiwisport coach always is nice to the kids. HOW DO YOU BECOME A KIWISPORT COACH?You have to go and train before you be a kiwi sport coach so that when you go to different schools then you will know. All the skills that you have got from training and you will get good at doing all of your skills. WHAT SORT OF PERSON DO YOU NEED TO BE?You have to be kind you have to be helpful and you have to be trustworthy and responsible and reliable.

Friday, 7 August 2015


Firefighters help people and they also have a challenging job.

The firefighters help people from car crashes. And if a house is on fire they go to
the house and they help the people that is inside the house and they get the people out of the house and then they extinguish the fires.

If you join the job then you have to go to the gym and work harder and harder.

They put on their turnout suit. They put on a breathing apparatus

                  What do firefighters do
They help people from fires and they help them when some people have a car crash. The firefighters wear protective clothing so that they do not die and if they go inside the fire with their protective clothing on they will not die.

                                    Fire Fighter Characteristics
As a Firefighter you need to be hard working, brave and be able to work in a team. And you have to be very strong and Brave to work hard.

                       HOW DO YOU BECOME A FIREFIGHTER

I can be a firefight by listening to my coach and train every day i can work as a team with my friends. And you have to be fire smart so that you can work with the team and i have. learn't all about firefighters.

Patterns Tessellation

                                                            PATTERNS TESSELLATION

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Never giver up


Thursday, 2 July 2015


    Dear Miss Thompson i will miss you very much. And i hope you can come over and visit us i will miss you very much.

Bouncy Castle

On Friday room 11/12 went down the field and down on the field there was a big bouncy castle. We waited patiently in the line. It was fun on the big bouncy castle because it was bouncy. We got to have two turns it was very cool. We had so much fun because the on way up we had to climb up high and on the way down I slid down smoothly.
The bouncy castle was fun.Then we had to go back to class.



                                      What does Matariki mean
What is Matariki: Matariki is when you can have fun with your family and friends, you can watch some movies.

All about Matariki: You can celebrate matariki and have fun. you can celebrate matariki and the seven sisters of matariki.

How to see Matariki:in the late may and early june can see the sun just rising

What does Matariki mean: Matariki means the maori new year and all the seven sisters just come.

Why is Matariki Special:Matariki is special Because it is.The maori new year and you can see all seven stars it would be cool to talk to the seven stars and talk to them.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Word Cloud Reading Reflection

Term 2 writing sample

1.On Friday room 11/12 went down the field and down on the field there was a big bouncy castle it was fun on the big bouncy castle because it was. Bouncy and we get to have two turns it was very cool on the bouncy castle we had so march fun and then we. Had to go back to class but some of us were going all. The way up and down it was cool.

2.Room 11 was having so march fun on the bouncy castle. I was like having so march fun.

3. Room 11 was having fun on the bouncy castle because we. Get to bounce around on the bouncy castle.

4.On Friday room 11/12 had so march fun on the bouncy castle we get to bounce around. It was so cool on the bouncy castle. 11/12 waited patiently in the line.The bouncy castle was fun.

Friday, 5 June 2015

The switch

A man was alone eating He noticed he had spilt food on his tieA white box came out of nowhere and hit. Him on the headhe got angry and kicked the white boxhe noticed a lots of white boxeshe noticed a shiny box that was unusualhe tried to push the shiny box but it wouldn’t budge.

He noticed a red button underneath the shiny boxhe pushed the buttonhe clambered on a tower of boxeshe leapt off to try and land on the shiny. Box but missedhe reached out to push the button then hesitated.

There was a whirring and the shiny box started spinningthe shiny box suck .In his tiehe tried to pull out his tie then his feet got sucked into the shiny boxhe disappeared.Completelythe box with ties landed and changed in an ordinary white box.

And then something bad happened when he pushed the button it went all crazy and got him stack for everAnd then he was getting to stack an he turned into an ordinary. Box that was white box And it was an cool white box.

Friday, 29 May 2015


On a starless night there was a little young  boy named Jimmy and he was out in the scary forest the water was flapping when he looked at the back of him he saw are big monster and Jimmy was scared he ran away from the monster Jimmy was all alone. Then he found his own house so the story began with a big scary start the monster was so sad because he was all alone he started to cry the monster was at home all by himself the boy was so happy that he was at home with his family and that was a happy ending. The little boy named Jimmy was so happy to be back at home with his family.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Marshmallow Monster

Once upon a time there was a solitary young boy who was sitting all alone in a freezing dark forest and he heard a sound and he stood up and said "oh no what is happening?" Then he though, oh it is  nothing, but  he heard it again. The boy felt so scared and then when he looked behind him there was a big monster.

He swung his Marshmallow stick like it was a sword. The monster saw the marshmallow he began performing tricks like a dog. After a while Jimmy looked inside the bag and he realised that there was only one more marshmallow left! He got the last marshmallow out of his bag and the monster slurped Jimmy's hand into his mouth.

The young boy was very scared so he ran away from the big monster, he found a pillow and the monster thought that it was a giant marshmallow, so Jimmy threw the pillow as hard as he could. The monster chased after and put it on a stick so he could roast the marshmallow over the sizzling fire, the pillow went turned to ashes. The big fat monster was sad, he started to cry.