Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Immersion Assembly

Walt: using exciting language.
Today Pt England School Had a immersion assembly. Our topic for this term is NOW THAT”S THINKING.

This term our topic is NOW THAT”S THINKING. Our topic is about technology. Technology is something like a netbook that kids sometimes could use at school. There are 3 teams that are doing the same thing as each other. Those there teams are. Team 1 team 2 and team 3. They are all learning about kites. Team 4 teachers were coming up with great and extraordinary ideas. But Mr Goodwin did not come up with a great idea. His idea was to fix a car. Team 5 are learning about fixing things.

Team 4’s topic is about Maori's and how pakeha arrived when the Maori's were still there. Team 4’s movie was probably boring because one of the teachers came up with a boring idea. The teacher that came up with that boring idea was Mr Goodwin. He wanted to build cars.

This term I hoped to learn about how we could fix and build things how it was. My favorite movie was team 5. Team 5 was my favorite movie because it was funny how Mr Wise man was saying that he is Bob the builder but he really wasn’t. He was making everyone in the hall laugh. He even made me laugh.

What I think about the new term and the new topic is. The new topic is pretty cool because we could learn about interesting things and we could learn about more things.  

Task Description: Today room 7 had to write about our immersion assembly that we had on Monday.

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