Friday, 1 April 2016

The Wild Night

Last Wednesday we were at camp. It was the Year 5/6 Camp. It was at Pt England School on our School field. When I to sleep I went to sleep with Tiari and Ayla.

When they went to sleep I was still up then I heard a big bang outside then we had to go and sleep inside. the teachers woke us up and moved us into the Library and Tusitala.   

Trari, Ayla and I. We creeped into our wet tent. It was so wet That all of our sleeping bags were wet.

And our bags were to. When they went to sleep I was still up. Then when it was all quiet I heard a storm. And it was raining hard out.

I was so scared that the tree nearly fell on our tent. And then we woke up And I woke Ayla and Tiari then we moved. Me and Ayla sleeped in the Tusitala and Tiari sleeped in the hall with all the other people. 


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