Thursday, 14 May 2015

Marshmallow Monster

Once upon a time there was a solitary young boy who was sitting all alone in a freezing dark forest and he heard a sound and he stood up and said "oh no what is happening?" Then he though, oh it is  nothing, but  he heard it again. The boy felt so scared and then when he looked behind him there was a big monster.

He swung his Marshmallow stick like it was a sword. The monster saw the marshmallow he began performing tricks like a dog. After a while Jimmy looked inside the bag and he realised that there was only one more marshmallow left! He got the last marshmallow out of his bag and the monster slurped Jimmy's hand into his mouth.

The young boy was very scared so he ran away from the big monster, he found a pillow and the monster thought that it was a giant marshmallow, so Jimmy threw the pillow as hard as he could. The monster chased after and put it on a stick so he could roast the marshmallow over the sizzling fire, the pillow went turned to ashes. The big fat monster was sad, he started to cry.

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