Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Walt: Include a variety of sentence types in our writing.
Have you ever been to Stardome? Well on Thursday last week team 4 went to stardome. We had to get into groups I was in my cousins group and there some of our friends were in the group that we were in. Our leader was my uncle witch was her dad, we did a lot of things at stardome. Stardome is a amazing place to go.

When morning tea was over half of room 7, 6 and 8 had to grab their lunch and watch the news it was straight away and I was like what why are we all grabbing our lunch now. But then Mr Goodwin said we won’t be taking our bags and I was like ohhh so that's why we're having our lunch now. The news was finally finished and we all got to play on our Chromebooks I played typing club. It was time to go and we all had to get into our lines and our groups that we were in. when we were on the bus we were all falling asleep but I wasn’t I was wide awake.

After we got off the bus we had to sit on the wet grass and I was getting a wet bum. There were a lot of astronauts inside the spaceship. They looked so cool they looked like they were real but they weren't. When we went into this room on the wall there was all the planets in our solar system. We got this paper and it had questions on them. We had 15 minutes to answer them we had to get into our groups in my group we were versing the boys. After the 15 minutes we had we had to go back inside the room that we first were in.

On our way to the dome my group had to line up and be able to get the points when we come back from stardome. It was so fun inside the dome because we got to watch a movie and I started to fall asleep when the movie was finished that was the end of the stardome trip. During the movie I fall asleep and the other kids next to me kept on waking me up. It was so annoying I felt like I just wanted to stay there because my seat was just too nice.

At stardome I learned that solar means energy from the sun’s rays. I also sore matariki inside stardome and they way better then how I see them right now they looked so cool and they looked like they were real like if they were out of the screen that they were in. stardome was pretty cool I wish that we could go there probably every Thursdays or every year.

Task Description:I am doing this writing for our test next term this is could stardome. Stardome was our trip last week Thursday. team 4 went to stardome so that we could learn more about our solar system.

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