Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Term 2 writing sample

1.On Friday room 11/12 went down the field and down on the field there was a big bouncy castle it was fun on the big bouncy castle because it was. Bouncy and we get to have two turns it was very cool on the bouncy castle we had so march fun and then we. Had to go back to class but some of us were going all. The way up and down it was cool.

2.Room 11 was having so march fun on the bouncy castle. I was like having so march fun.

3. Room 11 was having fun on the bouncy castle because we. Get to bounce around on the bouncy castle.

4.On Friday room 11/12 had so march fun on the bouncy castle we get to bounce around. It was so cool on the bouncy castle. 11/12 waited patiently in the line.The bouncy castle was fun.

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