Friday, 5 June 2015

The switch

A man was alone eating He noticed he had spilt food on his tieA white box came out of nowhere and hit. Him on the headhe got angry and kicked the white boxhe noticed a lots of white boxeshe noticed a shiny box that was unusualhe tried to push the shiny box but it wouldn’t budge.

He noticed a red button underneath the shiny boxhe pushed the buttonhe clambered on a tower of boxeshe leapt off to try and land on the shiny. Box but missedhe reached out to push the button then hesitated.

There was a whirring and the shiny box started spinningthe shiny box suck .In his tiehe tried to pull out his tie then his feet got sucked into the shiny boxhe disappeared.Completelythe box with ties landed and changed in an ordinary white box.

And then something bad happened when he pushed the button it went all crazy and got him stack for everAnd then he was getting to stack an he turned into an ordinary. Box that was white box And it was an cool white box.

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