Thursday, 24 September 2015

Cross Country

1.Last week Monday pt england school had a school cross country and i was at the start of the line and my heart was. Pounding and i was so scared but i never gave up i was so proud of myself and my mum and. Dad were so proud of me to because i never gave up. And when Mr Burt slapped the clapers.

2. The colours of our house?
There was green which was could matatua.
And there was a colour could red and that was could Te rawa.
There was a colour and it was blue and that was could Tainui.
And there was another colour and it was yellow and that was could Takitimu.

3. Was it fun yes or no?
It was fun because i get to see my mum and dad they brought me a pie it was. A mince and cheese pie it was so nice. And i was having fun because i love to run and.

4. What was it like when your heart was pounding?
I was scared when my heart pounding and sometimes my heart will stop. Pounding but it was so fun at our school cross country and bate Daisy and Chastity at the cross country.

5.What were they wearing?
Pt England school was wearing their house color and there were a lot of colors like green witch was matatua and another color which was. Could yellow and that was could taketomo and there was a lot more colors.

You have to be a sporty person so that you can be so fit and you won't be able to stop the race. And you can win  foods can come up with the race it would be fun if i would be able to win the race and then. I will go and have another race with some more schools it would be fun.Having a race with some other kids.

So i came 7th and a lot of people bate me in the race and my friend came first and her name. Was Tehillah and she came first and then another girl bate me. And her name was Indiana she came 2nd and there was a lot of girls that came 1st 2nd and 3rd.

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