Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non Stop Circket

when Room 11/12 went out to go and play Non stop cricket I was shivering because it was way too cold and windy outside. And then we played the game we got warmed up. And when I got the ball i slipped in the wet grass.

It was so fun at non stop cricket because when i hit the ball I hat to run until the other person has put the ball back wear it was and then. I put the bat down and go at the back of the line.

When i lined up to go back to class I was not cold anymore and it was so cool and fun at the non stop cricket we all had a go at hitting the ball and then room 11/12hat to swap over. And room 12 hat to be the bater and room 11 hat to catch the ball it was fun at non stop cricket.

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