Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Egg 20m Sprint

Early on Monday morning Room 9 from Pt England School went to the park for our 20m egg race. Our teacher told us that it was a new sport but we all knew that it wasn’t. He is a CRAZY TEACHER SOMETIMES. An I meant all the time.

Describing Your Egg:

Well my egg was. Green and it only had like a little bit of hear and it body was all blue. It looked ugly it didn’t have any ears. But it had small cute eyes, but it had a ugly body mostly I liked the eyes because they were so cute.

Start The Race:
When we started the race I was so nervous and I was excited to at the same time. When we all ran we had to go over something and under something. I went over the deck where the flying fox and I went under the flying fox when I We all were coming back. We had to use a spoon for our egg.

Conclusion: Highlight - Favorite Thing:
My favorite part was when we had to draw on the egg and we had to line up to start the race. My last one was when I kept on seeing a lot of eggs getting smashed on the bark and the deck.

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