Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Race

WALT: We are learning to write a recount.

Have you ever had a teacher that would make you have to run on the field before. Well I have. Today room 7 had to line up and put our shoes on.

The first thing we had to do was Mr Goodwin told us to go outside when I thought that he was going to tell us to open up our chrome book and tell us to get on with our work. But instead he just told us to line up outside and put our shoes on.

Once we got on to the field Mr Goodwin told us the insertions and said go line up in front of the gold post, So we said what he told us to do and listened to his insertions.

When we lined up Mr Goodwin said that we were going to have a race I was so gutted when he said that, but I was still sort of excited but then he finally said Go!

I sprinted as fast as I could and we ran to the gold post and back to Mr Goodwin. But when we ran to the gold post I came 3rd and I just kept on running back and everyone was at the back of me. When I got back I was so puffed out that I had to Run that fast And I was So excited that I came 3rd but it was sort of boring to.

Then we came back to class and started to write about our race to the gold post and to another.

Task Description: Today room 7 had to write a recount about our race that we did.

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