Thursday, 27 July 2017

Space Narrative


In 4017 the earth will be struggling to do its best and stay alive.  It was a cold night there was a dog his name was robo dog. Robo Dog and his friend had to go on a very big mission. Robo dog knows everything that his friend knows his friends name is Charlese. He and Charlese were going to take out the aliens in the planet of animal town.

These Aliens are very CRAZY! They would do anything they want to. And they will go and destroy everything in the animal town. Robo Dog and Charlese were inside their spaceship. Robo Dog had turned on the spaceship then they started to blast off. When they did they blasted in the right planet. Then they grabbed all there weapons that they were going to use on the ALIENS.

First Robo Dog had to build a shield and defend themselves. Charlese and Robo Dog had to go on a exploring mission they had to go and defend the Animal town. The ALIENS were just about to defend the alien planet but then they got caught bye Robo Dog and Charlese. Robo Dog Had Activated and let out talking dog Robo dog had said  ‘hey what are you doing to this animal town’. They said ‘ we are destroying this town so that we have to worry about  this town any more.

Robo Dog said to the ALIENS ‘this is not very nice to destroy the town’ the aliens did not care so then Robo Dog had to destroy them and he did then they had never come back. The aliens had promised that they never come back.

I will live on this planet so that the aliens will never come back. And if they do they will get hurt again. When it was time to go to bed RObo Dog had turned into a nice warm bed. Then Charlese laid down and she went to sleep well all the animals were eating.

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