Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Cross Country

Walt: structure a recount. 

Last week Friday Pt England school had cross country. Cross country is like a fit thing when there are children that race each other but they are in a different color. There are different colors in cross country. There 4 in our school, our colors are yellow, blue, green, and the last color that we have is red.

Before the year 6 girls raced me and my friends played games and we just started talking and stuff. After we were talking and playing games it was nearly our turn to race. Before the happened all of my friends were just talking all about what we are going to do when the race is finished and if we are going to race together. But we couldn’t I just remembered because I was the only year 6 in our little circle that we made. All my friends that I was sitting next to they were all year 5 that was why I couldn’t run with them.

During the race I was running with Naomi. I was only jogging and she was sprinting. But then we split up and she sprinted off and I was still jogging when I got up to trendy that was when I started to slow down because I was so tired of running. But I didn’t walk the whole way I only started running when I got up to Whea Kelly and that was when I never stopped running until I got to the finish line and that was when I started walking.

After the race I was so tired that I didn’t even want to walk anymore. When I past the finish line my legs were so numb and it felt like I couldn’t feel my legs because they were numb. After the race I was so thirsty that I had 2 cups of water. That was how thirsty I was.

What I learned was that I could run properly. I new how to race and I did not be mean to anyone. What I would differently do next time is I would try my best at racing and I will not make any bad comments to anybody that is way at the back of me.
Task Description: This is an cross country writing about our cross country that we had last week friday. it was a very sunny day when we had cross country. cross country is a running thing when kids would have to run and try and beat the other kids it was so fun.

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