Wednesday, 11 April 2018

How Does The Weather Change Your Mood?

      How Does The Weather      
        Change  Our Mood?

Which weather changes your mood?
I think that when it rains I sometimes would like to play outside when it rains.
I do like it when it is sunny but sometimes it just gets to sunny and to hot,
then I just get lazy and bored because there is nothing to do.

What I think about the weather?
I think that sometimes the weather is boring, ugly, and fun.
I like all sorts of weathers but I don’t like it when it is stormy
and cold because it is really annoying.

When it is raining I can’t do anything I just watch the TV because there’s nothing to do.
When it is raining I sometimes video chat with my friends or I go on my mail and
I talk to them on mail because it is very boring at home.

When it is sunny I sometimes love it but sometimes it gets to sunny then I get lazy and
I just sit down or I draw. Well I am drawing I sometimes go to sleep but that's only if
i’m tired.


This is all about the weather changing your or our mood. I like this writing because it
gives me an idea for my writing or any test that I have.

Today room 2 literacy got learn how the weather changed our mood. which means how does the weather change your mood? It's like when it is so hot you get very hot then you get very grumpy.

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  1. Kia ora Charlese, I agree with your thoughts about sunny weather. Sometimes when it gets too hot, it is much easier to take it easy and be 'lazy' and try to stay cool. Different weather patterns definitely impact our moods! Well done with this writing task!