Friday, 7 August 2015


Firefighters help people and they also have a challenging job.

The firefighters help people from car crashes. And if a house is on fire they go to
the house and they help the people that is inside the house and they get the people out of the house and then they extinguish the fires.

If you join the job then you have to go to the gym and work harder and harder.

They put on their turnout suit. They put on a breathing apparatus

                  What do firefighters do
They help people from fires and they help them when some people have a car crash. The firefighters wear protective clothing so that they do not die and if they go inside the fire with their protective clothing on they will not die.

                                    Fire Fighter Characteristics
As a Firefighter you need to be hard working, brave and be able to work in a team. And you have to be very strong and Brave to work hard.

                       HOW DO YOU BECOME A FIREFIGHTER

I can be a firefight by listening to my coach and train every day i can work as a team with my friends. And you have to be fire smart so that you can work with the team and i have. learn't all about firefighters.

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