Friday, 28 August 2015

kiwisport coach

INTRODUCTION. (What is a Kiwisport coach?) A kiwisport coach is like a teacher but they teach. Kids how to be kiwisport children. WHAT DOES A KIWISPORT COACH DO?They teach kids how to be sporty and know how to play a game that you play with your classroom and you can will use. To the game that you are playing. WHAT EQUIPMENT DOES A KIWISPORT COACH NEED/WHAT DO THEY WEAR?A kiwisport coach wears everyday clothing and sometimes they wear Black and blue clothing a kiwisport coach brings a lot of. Equipment to the courts and a kiwisport coach always is nice to the kids. HOW DO YOU BECOME A KIWISPORT COACH?You have to go and train before you be a kiwi sport coach so that when you go to different schools then you will know. All the skills that you have got from training and you will get good at doing all of your skills. WHAT SORT OF PERSON DO YOU NEED TO BE?You have to be kind you have to be helpful and you have to be trustworthy and responsible and reliable.

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