Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Athletics Day Term 4 Writing Sample 2015

On Friday we had Athletics and the first activity we done was the sprinting on that one I came 3rd and I was going so fast but there were some other girls. That came before me but there were only 2 girls that came past me. And when Mr Burt said’ on your marks get set go and Mr Burt clapped the clappers.  

And then we moved on to the next activity and that activity was when we had to do some throwing and the throwing game was so cool because we get to throw things. And throwing things are so cool when I though the sock it went like a rocket but it went over people and the rocket goes straight up.

Then the other activity was another throwing game and I really like the throwing because I get to do some under arm and overarm when we were doing the. Throwing game I throw it so far and I got it past the cone and I won the game I hat to go at the back of the line so that I get another turn And when I had my turn we hat to go to the next activity.

The next activity was skipping and we had to go to the other side where the other. Person is and then you have to give it to the other person and then they have to go On the other side and then we just keep on going until Miss Stickland says we have to stop now and we have to go to the other activity.

And the last activity was the high jump when we went to the high jump we were in teams and there was a team with Miss Squares and Miss King and the one that you. Want to practice is Miss Squares and Mrs King’s one is the one that I went to and when we had. To do it the first time it was easy and then Miss Stickland and Mrs King put it up and that one I got most of all the high jumps but when. The teachers were putting it up I could not do it but I got one. Of them and that one was so high.        

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