Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Cutesaurs Dinosaur

Cutesaurus is a dinosaur that is a carnivore that its meat and he lived in China it is 600 years old it is a famous dinosaur. It is all around the world
it was on the wall's and on the TV. he is a spiky dinosaur his name is could Cutesaurus and he is a large dinosaur it has fat feet. His feet are like a big dinosaurs feet and a elephant's feet to. It has big eyes to.

When I got my dinosaur it had a big head and a shell nose the nose was so tiny but his body is big it only has one. Eye and a fat moth but it has No teeth.

My dinosaur can eat some other dinosaurs the dinosaur that I have is better than all the other dinosaurs the Cutesaurus has a lot. Of spikes on its back he is so big but his tale nose and his eyes are so small.       


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