Thursday, 5 May 2016

Holidays Free Writing

In the holidays I went to my uncle and aunt's house. Me and my brother slept there for the hole holidays and we. Went to McDonald's.

It was so fun because we were with my cousin’s. And we all went to McDonald's It was fun.
And then we went to Ice Skating was more fun than McDonald's because I

get to Skate around and it was so fun. And we had a fed there with my older cousin and her name was Kazan she was awesome and my other cousin her name was

Kosha lee. She was amazing.Then we went to the moves and we were watching Hunt for the wilder people it was awesome because it was about a little boy that just came back to

his uncle and his aunt's house. And then his aunt died and there was only a little bit of people at her funeral. When she died.

Then we we went back to my aunt's and uncle’s house and then me and my brother went back to my house. But first we had dinner and saper with my cousins my uncle and my aunt. And all of my cousins names are.

Cosha lee Kazan Capers mana lee. Josh and Anna. but there were a lot more and they all went were so big. My brothers name was Charles it was fun at Ice Skating the Movies and McDonald’s.        

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