Friday, 2 June 2017

Food Review Template

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Minty Chocolate With A Bit Of Oreo

This chocolate is very nice I would have it every day for dinner.

The Chocolate mint is part of the cad bury.  My Chocolate Mint I had cost $3.99. Chocolate Mint had little bits of Oreo's inside of it. It had a lot of mint inside the mint.

Mint Chocolate looked a bit greeny on the inside. It tasted very yummy. The mint chocolate smelt like it was very minty and I just really wanted to staff it inside my mouth. When I put the minty chocolate inside my mouth it felt like it was melting inside my mouth. But really it wasn’t. When it was in my mouth I thought that it was just going to stay there but then I started to eat it inside my mouth.

I think that the product had to have more mint and more chocolate inside it. But I would still prefer the mint. Plus it was still nice.

I would recommend this product because it is very yummy and I just have to say it was one of my best chocolate. I would have to rate this a 10/10.

Task Description: Have You Ever had chocolate at school when you are not men to? While today Room 7 ate chocolate and we got numbers so that when Or teacher Mr Goodwin Calls our number out we no what our number is. For me I got the minty chocolate it was so yummy is was like i wanted anther on.

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