Sunday, 8 October 2017

What I Did On Saturday?

Hello Everybody It's Me Again what did you do for your Saturday? Well for my Saturday all I did was watch movies and had a lot of junk with my family. We had a lot of things on Saturday night we even played a lot of games to we played I spy up high then me and my nephew played an drawing competition and he won 3 rounds and I won 2. I was so happy that we could do this night like a family night we have did it a lot of times now. this time we had lollies and chocolate biscuits we had 4 packets of chips and then after all of that junk I saved me some chocolate biscuits and my little brother asked if he could have some and i said go buy your own. He tried fighting me for it. When I won he started crying but at the same time he was laughing so it wasn't really a cry.

After I had the last chocolate biscuit I had a drink of sprite but it felt like I was going to VOMIT but I didn't. I was so full after that then I just went into bed and I started to write about my HOLIDAY and what I did.


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