Saturday, 7 October 2017

My Holiday

Kia Orana every body have you all had a good holiday? I have it was great today my dad and my brothers are going to go to the beach. this holiday has been great for me we went to the beach on Monday. after the beach we went to this Maori place where there is a lot of water. I was playing tag with my brothers it was so fun.

On Tuesday we went to the museum and we went into the volcano room in the volcano room it was so fun when the whole room was shaking around there were seats that we could sit on in stead of sitting on the ground. But there were some other little children that were sitting on the ground I wasn't the one that was sitting on the ground I was the one that was sitting on the seats.

After we went to the museum the next day we went to the pools. At the pools I saw my aunty and my cousin we had a great swim with my cousin. My cousin's name is Peter. my brothers me and my cousin were playing tag in the pool and I was hardly in because they could hardly get me but my brother could.

On Thursday me and my little brother were playing at the back of our house because there is a garden there and we play on the very big field that was there. We were playing with our next door neighbours, we played tag and ball rush but it was tackle I was the only girl that was playing and that was us.

On Friday I was just in my bed reading my book it was captain underpants. I like captain underpants because he is sort of funny. When it was time for us to go to bed we didn't because we had to go and pick up my older brother from my aunty's house.

Then today what I did was just lie in my bed and read a little bit of my captain underpants book. then after that i went outside and i played with my dog well it is not sort of a dog it is like a puppy. but my puppy barks at anyone that he sees and he doesn't know.



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