Monday, 4 December 2017

Pick A Path

Today my story is going to be all about Ghosts.

My character would be me.

My story is going to be taking place at my house
What I can see is Ghost every time
I can smell something burning
I can feel my blanket moving every time I go to sleep

Once upon a time there was a girl that was 10 years old her name was Charlese.

Decision 1 is when she goes to sleep she can always see staff when she is sleeping.

Decision 2 would be she can always feel things crawling on my blanket. Like bugs.

My Final Decision would be she would always get scared in her sleep.

My other final Decision would be she the house that she lived in was a haunted house anyways but she didn’t know until she saw the ghosts that lived in her house.

OK on to final decision C. Final decision C would be she didn’t know anyone who lived in her neighbourhood because they didn’t even like her she didn’t go to school.

Now final decision. My final decision would be she is an ugly girl that nobody likes and she sometimes acts like a animal.
Task Description: Today our class got to make our own Pick a Path Story. For me this was a pretty cool writing.

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