Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Once there was a very fat fish. That loved to eat fish food of course, we'll going back to my story. This very fat fish was an ugly fat fish and he was a teacher at Pt England fish school. He was very mean to everyone in his class, he didn’t like anyone that went to Pt England fish school. Wait a minute I mean Pt England fat fish school because everyone that went to that school was a fat fish.

Paragraph 1:

Well this fat fish teacher his name was Mr Goodwin but everyone that went to Pt England fat fish school called him Mr Genius but there was a little girl but she is not that small, bye the way her name was Charlese and she called him by his last name Mr Goodwin. I didn’t like calling him Mr Genius because there was already a teacher that went to Pt England fat fish school called Mr Genius and that was Mr Jacobson, sometimes I call him Mr J.

Paragraph 2:  

Anyways Mr J and Mr Goodwin were very big. They were just like each other and they were very mean but Mr J was way more mean than Mr Goodwin because he would tell everyone off for doing nothing. But sometimes Mr Goodwin would just be lazy like a lazy boy and do nothing just sit on his chair and steer at everyone.

Paragraph 3:

At Pt England fat fish school everyone had their own fish robot. But everyone made their fish robot, there fish robot looked very ugly, there fish robots looked like they were about to die because the kids that went to Pt England fat fish school was treating their robots like they were a piece of trash. But the teachers fish robots were very clean because the teachers were treating them like real robots in the sea.

Paragraph 4:

Did you know that their principal was very mean because he was a shark. His name was Mr Mean Burt but sometimes he could be fun and sometimes he could be very mean. By the way all the children that went to Pt England fat fish school was mean to all the other kids and the new entrance children to.

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