Monday, 6 March 2017

Camp Writing

Walt: We Are learning how to write about camp.
Have you ever been on camp before at the back on your school field before? Well at Pt England School there is going to be a year 5 and 6 camp starting on the 8th to the 10th of March.

I am looking forward to going to camp and having a lot of fun with my friends and having fun with my cousin and that I get the moves of my dance right.

I am hoping that when I go to camp that I have a happy 3 days at camp and that there will be no fighting or arguing. I just hoped that the camp would keep going on and it never stops. But now it has to stop so that kids could go home.

I am very nervous about going to camp and then something will happen to me. I am also nervous about dancing on the stage and then I get some of the moves wrong. And the  last thing that I am nervous about is that I might not  be listening to the teacher and then I get all the moves wrong when I get onto the stage.  

Task Description: Today Room 7 was learning how to to write abut what they are going to do at camp. and what there emotions are when they go off to camp.

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