Thursday, 30 March 2017

Spider Black Cat Vs Giant Beetle

Walt: Write A Narrative
One Sunny beautiful day there was an insect named Giant Beetle. There was a Spider named Spider Black Cat. On  a Sunny day Giant Beetle was taking a walk on the trees then Spider Black Cat Came over and said hay Giant Beetle what are you doing over here. Giant Beetle said i’m just taking a walk what are you doing over here. Spider Black Cat said i’m just here just to see if you were alright. Giant Beetle said i am alright.

Once Giant Beetle turned around Spider Black Cat Pushed Giant Beetle off the tree and then he started to cry because he didn’t do anything to Spider Black Cat and he just pushed him off the tree.

Spider Black Cat went away and he didn’t care he didn’t do anything when he pushed him off. When Giant Beetle got back up he got very angry at Spider Black Cat.

When Spider Black Cat came back to the tree Giant Beetle was still there. They were going to have a fight but then Spider Black Cat said no wait i’m sorry for pushing you off the tree and I will never do it to you again. Giant Beetle accepted the apology. Then they started to walk back to their home and they had a cup of tea then they went to sleep.

Task Description: Today Room 7 had to write a narrative about our new bugs. and if they would fight or not.

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