Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Year 5/6 Camp Writing

Have you ever been on a year 5 & 6 camp before? Well there was a year 5 & 6 camp going on for 27 years. Well I have been to 2 of the year 5 & 6 camp. It was when I was a year 5 and this year I am a year 6 and I still went to the year 5 & 6 camp.

Pt England school camped on their school field with tents and and we had to sleep in the tents. And that was where everyone had to sleep. But the teachers slept inside. But Mr Goodwin slept inside a tents. There were sleeping guards around all the tents to make sure that everyone was sleeping. Then when everyone is alright and everyone is sleeping then all the teachers will be allowed to go to sleep.  I was sleeping with my leader Tehillah and Christina. We did a lot of activities. We did kayaking, swimming at the Glen Ines pools, Concert practice - Concert and last we did was went to mangare pools on my birthday.

My favorite part at 2017 camp was when we were doing our concert and going to the magare pools. I loved going to the pools because it was on my birthday and I loved having fun. I liked doing our concert because my team won and we came first. My team was called the presidents and we all had fun having our concert.

I’d just like to say thank you to all the helpers and Family members that helped us at camp. Like my uncle he was a helper at Pt England camp. My uncle Sam was a bedtime guard he had to make sure that everyone was alright and that everyone was tucked in at bedtime and that everyone was sleeping.

I have learned about myself at camp that I have got new skills for kayaking. And now I know how to kayak without anyone helping me. I recommend that student that went to camp should be able to do this in the future.

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