Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Thank You For Athletics Day

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Dear helpers. Thank you so much for helping everyone on our Athletics, it is so kind that you took all your time off work or even if you don’t have work so that you could come to our school and help everyone.

Athletics was very fun. Athletics day is when everyone in our school comes together and they play sports, and they get into their house colours. Our house colours are Hokule’a which is ( Green ),  Hikianalia which is ( Yellow ), Hinemoana which is ( Blue ), And Te Aurere which is Red. I am in the year 6 Green and that colour is Hokule’a.

Next year I will be a year 7 and I hope I will be a house captain for Hokule’a. But I would still want to race with the year 7 girls and I would want to go to the Eastern tournament next year. It wouldn’t mind if I had came 3rd or 2nd but I would know that I won’t come 1st.

I enjoyed playing with my friends and having races with them. I enjoyed watching the teachers and the kids race with the teachers. What I have learned from Athletics is that it is all about having fun  and not having fights if you do not win.

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