Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Year 6 Camp 2017

When we went to Camp Bentzon it was so exciting that there were already people that were living there. We did a lot of activities like Confidence Course, Kayaking, Sailing, Abseiling, Orienteering , Burma Trail, Bush BaseBall, And Cricket. When we got there we had to climb up a very big hill and the hill was could the KILLER HILL. Where we went? Most of the year 6s went to kawau island. It was really fun at Camp Bentzon.

What happened first was when we got to Kawau Island we had to go up killer hill then walk all the way back down and it is really a hill but sometimes it will go very steep then it will go up then back down and sometimes it will be slippery.Getting to camp took for a very long time we had to sit inside a bus for 2 hours then get off the bus and get all of our bags and food boxes out then carry everything onto the ferry and then the last thing was that we all had to get on the ferry. The Hike was very boring and I wished that we didn’t have to do that hike ever again. We still did a Hike but we didn’t do the one where we had to walk up killer hill and then walk all the way back down we just went around the hill but we didn’t go that far.

What happened next? Was when  we all came back from our Hike that we did we had to go and do our cabins. Day 2. The 1st activity that we did was Raft building, then our next activity that we did was building huts, our 3rd activity was sailing. Then we had to go and have morning tea after our 2nd activity. After our morning tea that we had we had to move on to our next activities.

Day three was a little bit fun because our first activity that we did on day three was sailing and like I said that we were doing sailing in my last paragraph that I did. Well any ways sailing was hard and it was getting too scary for me because it was scary when the sailing boat was just about to tip over but it didn’t. Sailing was hard to do and scary I would hope that I could learn more about it so that it won’t be scary for me anymore.

I would like to thank my Uncle Sam for helping do mostly everything in our tasks, and I would like to thank another person which helped the team that I was in. the team that I was in was Kawau A but I say sometimes that I was in Kawau B and A. there is a lot of people that I would like to thank like Ms Timmi, Tia, Miss Parrant, Mr Goodwin, Mr Somerville, Shirley Penu, Lee Penu, and all the helpers that helped everyone one at camp. I would like to mostly thank Peter And Erin for letting everyone that was at Camp Bentzon to stay at Kawau Island.

What I enjoyed at camp? I enjoyed everything at camp my favourite thing that I like was swimming,  jumping off the wharf, jumping off the platform, kayaking, playing volleyball, playing spot light at night, doing activities with Mr Jacobson. Like doing the Confidence Course with Mr J and playing volleyball with him and other people and teachers like Ms Moran and Tia. I learned a lot at Camp Bentzon like at Kawau Island you only have fun and no fighting or anything and looking after your friends if they are not alright or even ask them if they are alright.
Task Description: So this week we had to right about what we did at camp well all the other year 6's were still at school.

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