Monday, 20 November 2017

Thank You For Our Film Festival Day

Walt: using descriptive language
Dear organizers and helpers. Without you we wouldn’t be going to the film festival right now. Thank you so much for helping our school and everyone.

Manaiakalani film festival is when all the schools well not all the schools but mostly all the schools that are around Glen Ines.  Manaiakalani film festival is when most of the schools make their own movie and then we go to Sylvia park with other schools and we watch our movie’s that we made at school. We watch our own movie’s and other people’s movie on a very big screen.

My favourite part at the manaiakalani film festival was when i got to sit next to my friends and I got to go to sleep. My favourite movie’s where The Time Machine, The Taste Test, Just Dance, And Survivor. The just dance one was the best and I loved that one it was soo cool and funny.

Next Year I would like to be in a movie and would like to be a back up presenter if the other people that were supposed to be presenting weren’t there then I could back them up and be nice to them and do the presenting for them.

What did I enjoy? I enjoyed watching other schools movies watch our schools movie watching my friends present and the last thing I enjoyed was going to sleep. What I learned at the Manaiakalani was that we don’t make fun of the people that is presenting and we do not yell out BOOOO to them and there movie even if it is boring. THANK YOU AGAIN TO ALL THE ORGANIZERS AND HELPERS FOR HELPING OUR SCHOOL.
Task Description: Today we all got to pick out what we would right about our options were. would we like to right about Athletics our would we like to right about Manaiakalani. I picked both but my first one that I picked was Athletics then I picked this one which was Maniakalani.

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